Untitled-01I do have the same perspective as “Eric Fernandez”, using rubrics in grading the performance or products of the students give a fair evaluation. I remember back in high school, my friends usually can tell who the favorite of the teacher is. Though the other student has better work, the favorite students always have the highest grade. I don’t think my teacher use rubric in grading our essays or projects, all we knew was to do the requirements and submit it on time.

images17A teacher who is aware of or has the training in developing rubric is a merit. The issues about favoritism or being bias can be avoided and would not affect the grades of a particular student. Fairness and good quality of work from both teacher and students can be ensured.

Although I have a few years of teaching experienced, I never had a chance of creating my own rubric or developing it with students. That is because most of the book company provides a complete set of teachers’ resources, what we just need to do is to implement or use the textbooks along with learning materials that suits our students.


I am very lucky to have such brilliant FIC that really builds knowledge on our way through exploration. I am planning to have a science project this coming February as a preparation in our Education Week. This project will be my actual application which will focus on designing an alternative assessment and creating a rubric with my students. I know it’s not easy and I still have a very little knowledge and experience, but how will I learn if I won’t do it now.

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I’m also curious of Aries Macam’s question about open book exam; I already encountered the open book exam back in high school. I thought it was good because my note will help me to do better in the exam, but that is not what happened. Most of the important information in the exam was not in my notes, so open book exam is good for nothing…..

After the exam our teacher told us the purpose of having an open note exam, and that is to see how effective our note- taking during the discussion. My teacher gave us some helpful note taking tips and strategies that will help us to perform better on tests and to achieve higher grade.