Happy_53_tnbBefore I thought that assessment simply knows if students understand the lesson and to then give grades and teacher needs to give more attention in teaching the knowledge and skills that the school demands. Well now I realized the importance of assessment.

Assessment is a tool used in the classroom every day and its purpose is to measure a student’s mastery- knowledge or skills in a particular subject area. Assessment data shows a teacher or school administrators what the students have learned.

I remember in my reading it said that assessment drive students learning, but I think as a teacher- assessment should drive our instruction. It is important that our assessment is aligned with learning objectives and instructional activities to ensure that students are meeting and achieving the expectations.

For me formative assessment is the most significant when it comes to learning process. We must utilize formative assessments to assess where students are at. The results can direct us to our next step, if an adjustment in the instruction is needed or modify our strategies to accommodate the need of students. A periodic monitoring of student’s knowledge and determining the level of understanding will direct us to create more suitable activities.

school-clip-artI think it is important to incorporate a variety of assessments in both formative and summative assessments. Summative assessment must not just a standardized test but like formative assessment that allows students to demonstrate what they know in different ways. In this way a student who is not good in traditional assessment test type might be good at performance assessment. I think it is significant to practice more of performance assessment rather than spending too much time in factual test. Alternative assessment promotes creativity and critical thinking which the goal of education is.

I believe that effective assessment must be valid or measure what is intended, fair in giving all students an opportunity to succeed, and always give feedback to help students learn from their mistakes.

As a teacher I will continue to seek improvement in my teaching and how I assess my students. I will practice to develop my skill in writing rubric and writing better test questions. I will be more careful in assessing my students and let the assessment drives my instruction.


This picture shows how happy I am to learn so much in a short period of time. I think in taking an online course, it is our advantage if our FIC gives a variety of reading resources and study guide questions that direct our learning. I am honored once again to learn from the best. A big KOMMOL TATA (Thank you very much) Teacher Malou and to all my classmates.





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