Module 8: Something Good in Something Old

Traditional assessment is something that is hard to let go, just like eating rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are not satisfied eating without rice and for students a week will not be complete without any test or any form of assessment. Most common type of test that I experience during my school days are multiple choice, fill-in the blanks, true or false, and essay writing and the same type of test that I am commonly using in my science class.


There are two categories of test item- objective and subjective. Objective test items are questions that have only one correct response whereas to subjective questions, students can give their own answer and allow them to be creative. Essay writing and other performance assessment are example of subjective type assessment.

The advantages of traditional assessment are: (Objective Type)

  • Its practical (less expensive)
  • Take little time to administer
  • Fast and easy to score
  • Avoid bias in grading
  • Can handed back for immediate feedback

Because of the advantages of traditional assessment, it is more appealing to teachers like me to use it in classroom assessment but I think it is significant to consider the intended learning outcomes and the selection of assessment method is appropriate.

LearningTriangleA good traditional assessment is difficult to develop, especially if we want the test to be reliable and has high validity. Planning, writing of test items, analyzing and revision are necessary steps. I thinks that it is very important that every teacher must be skilled in developing an effective test questions because if not “Students aren’t Failing Test but Test are Failing Students” is more likely to happen.


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