images11I had a mind blowing experience in completing the Assignment 1 & 2; it’s really a challenging and meaningful task. I’ve been doing lesson plan every week but it’s still a challenge how to shift from traditional methods to alternative methods. I realized that it’s a challenge to every teacher how to design a meaningful task for students, as well as creating a rubric to avoid any unfair grading system.

It is true that traditional assessment is easier design and administer, but like what we have learned that traditional assessment generally focused on the cognitive skill alone. There is no evidence that students can do or apply what they have learned in a real- world setting. Students who are good in memorizing factual information and no problem in reading comprehension will most likely to excel in the exam.

Alternative assessment is an ideal method to have a clear picture of both what students know and can do, but it’s time consuming for both teachers and students. Teachers need time to design the task and develop a rubric, if the teacher will allow it student can participate in developing the rubric or criteria for evaluation. Doing this kind of assessment is far more meaningful than answering a multiple choose the questions, meaningful because students are able to really apply what they know and discover possible adjustment on how they understand the concept. Just like when I ‘m doing the assignment for alternative assessment, I used my prior knowledge in designing task and made an adjustment to accommodate new information such as working with scenarios and rubrics. For me the most challenging part and I can say that it’s my weakness is creating a rubric, because usually I just rate my students work with 1-10 and then get the equivalent percentage. But having a rubric is far more complicated, more detailed and more accurate; it really gives justice to students’ work. Most especially the experienced I had will last in a lifetime and will be used to improve my teaching method and how I assess students work.images12

All I’m saying is I had a good time in our task, challenging, meaningful and truly a good example of alternative assessment.


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