Implication of Assessment

Let me share with you a short story of mine that is related to implication of assessment on learning.
When I was in high school I remember that one of my teachers in math always gives us the questions in the exam, 3 days before the final examination day. Since we already knew the questions and we had a chance to compare our answers, none of us failed the exam (surface learning). I never thought of actually avoiding the temptation of copying answers for those questions that I can’t solve. I knew that I’m not a math person and no plan to take up engineering course, so I don’t need to take it seriously (stereotyping). I think those are the main reasons why I had low self- esteem and test anxiety during the 1st few months in college. I need to seek help in order to understand our lesson in math, because none of it was taught in high school or maybe I didn’t pay attention. I really had a hard time coping but instead of giving- up (motivation & goal setting), I set my goal “to pass” so I attended a tutoring session and spend lots of time practicing problem solving (persistence) until I understood and successfully catch up (deep learning). Though I still believe that I’m not a math person, the pressure of competing with other students and doing everything you can to have a good grade because there is no second chance pushed me to work hard ( high- stakes competition).

images02Analyzing my experience, I can infer that there is negative and positive implication of assessment on learning.

Positive Implication of Assessment
• I became actively involved in my own learning in order to catch up with my math class.
• I became more motivated to work hard to learn the lesson and to pass the math class.
• I learned to monitor my progress through practice, figuring out what strategies works for me and seek help.
• I realized that even I’m not a math person it’s not a valid reason to hinder myself from deep learning.

Negative Implication of Assessment

• I realized the disadvantage in our side on how our teacher encouraged us in surface approach of learning. I passed my high school math but not actually understand it.
• The low assessment result makes me developed a test anxiety in math and to have a low self-esteem.
• I felt pressured for not meeting the standard while my classmate seems to be relaxed at all times.


As a teacher, I personally commit myself to use assessment results to address the needs of my students. I will always put in mind that scaffolding is interwoven with formative assessment that can help students to develop a deep approach in learning. I will assure that students be actively involved in their own learning by modeling and teaching them how to be a self-regulated learner.


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