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During the first lesson, I learned about some new terms related to assessment though some of it was already familiar but not totally understood. Reading the different definition of my classmates, taking note of the comments made by Teacher Malou, and trying to avoid plagiarism by producing an original work, I made my definition based on my understanding of each term.



1. Assessment is one method that is commonly used to gather data about student knowledge and skills in a set period of time. This data can be useful in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of students, so that the teacher can help the student to be advanced or improve their learning.

2. Testing is one form of assessment that is used to measure and determine the students’ level of understanding.

3. Grading is a process of measuring and rating the level of students’ performance and achievements in class.

4. Measurement is like a balance scale that is used to weigh the progress made by the students.

5. Evaluation is a process of judging the students after a careful study with all assessment data.

6. Diagnostic assessment is a type of assessment given to students before introducing the lesson, in order to identify the prior knowledge and misconception known by the student.

7. Summative assessment is a type of assessment that has a set standard to achieve the curriculum goal and usually given at the end of the unit / course, examples; Final examination, NSAT.

8. Formative assessment is a type of assessment that is given to student for building a deeper knowledge and performance to meet the learning goals. Example: homework, observation, lab work, reporting, and quizzes.

9. Informal assessment is one way of assessing students without necessarily grading them, but it’s more focused in monitoring student performance. Formative instructional methods can be informal assessment.
10. Formal assessment is one way of assessing students based with set standard and its always graded.

11. Validity refers to the accuracy of assessment data that measured the alignment of learning objective, instructional methods, and assessment.

12. Reliability refers to the consistency of data gathered in a multiple method of assessment given to students.

13. Norm-referenced assessment is a kind of assessment where students are competing with each other and used that data to rank their performance.

14. Criterion –referenced assessment is a kind of assessment where a student strives to meet the predetermined standard, as a result students can work together with less pressure.

I welcome any correction or suggestion for improvement. 🙂


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