My Thoughts on Assessment

Assessment is a word that makes my heart beat fast and sweat the tip of my nose, as I remember when I was in high school and college. I’m happy to take any type of assessment depending on how effective my teacher taught us about the lesson. But if I’m lost and confused with the concept to be learned and took any kind of assessment, I won’t feel better until I know the result. Essay type assessment is my weakness, maybe because I’m not good in expressing my thoughts.

I remember in college, my anatomy lab professor makes our activity exciting by competing with the other group in class. We are all motivated to get the highest grade in either practical or written test. We felt a true appreciation of our hard work every time our professor spoke to us. Opposite case with my other professor, she is teacher-centered, doesn’t appreciate our hard work instead questioning our ability. So when it comes to her class I don’t do my best because I knew that she will judge me without questioning herself first, so for me any grade in her class is acceptable. I know that every college student wants to have a grade of 1 and as much as possible not to get 3 or 5. I think the common mentality of students during those times is to have a good grade but if the teacher is too difficult to deal with “Pasang- awa” will do. One good thing about that experienced is every time I do my assessment with the student, I make sure that descriptive feedback is given to them and not just merely scores.

Now as a teacher, the word assessment serve as the reflection of my work. I felt fulfill every time my assessment shows a good result and if not, it makes me question myself of what I missed. I know that I need to continue improving myself, especially in my teaching methods and assessment, so I’m really looking forward to have a productive class session.


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